curriculum vitae

curriculum vitae

1969   Born in Rüdersdorf/Berlin

1975 - 1991 School, vocational training and employment in Zarrentin, Weißenfels (Halle/Leipzig), Schwerin

1991 – 2005 Established and grew a specialised reprographics company in Schwerin / Managing Director/Partner Lipako GmbH / Began experimenting with graphic and photographic work (from views and methods to final processing)

2005 Sale of partnership interest, concentration on artistic work

2008 Intensive work with photography, reportage, portrait making, degree programme in photographic composition, light and forms of representation (space, movement, methods)

2010 - 2017 "Abraham war Optimist" Rabbi Wolff, exhibitions and book

2015 - preparation "homeland", An atempt to answer the question: What is home and where is it? Where does the heart belong, where does the soul feel at home, where are the roots and scources?

2016 - homeland - people in Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania, book and exhebition